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Amazing Application Features

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Clinical Trials

Find clinical trials in your area
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Medicine Reminder

Set pill reminders and never forget to take a dose

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Chronic Condition Management

Connect your wearables and track your vitals
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Validated Information

Reliable medical news and the latest research advancements
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How can I empower my journey

  • Search for a condition of your interest
  • Filter the categories to customize your content
  • Navigate through Febo

Our Newsfeed categories


Febo Talks

Find advices on your condition

Social Media-min

Social media

See what influencers are saying about their condition



The latest articles on 2,000+ conditions
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Research advancements

Find medical advancements


Validated medical videos



The Monthly Dose features patients, organizations and doctors interested in a condition

clinical trials-min

Clinical Trials

Find trials related to your condition

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Peek Inside the App

Febo is a mobile platform that keeps you updated on the newest technologies and developments of the medical industry. Febo aims to empower all patients by creating a news healthcare platform that includes medical advances, findings, clinical research information, and more.

Febo’s mission is to empower patients via a digital platform and give them the necessary resources to be in control of their condition.

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Finally!!! A place where I can find all of the medical info, I need in one place.
Febo | Empowering Your Health

James Harris

I don’t need to keep researching about my dad’s condition, this app sends me notifications when there’s a new development or clinical trial. Life saver!
Febo | Empowering Your Health

Sophia Gonzalez

Great for being updated! I started using Febo a month ago and it is great for keeping me updated on recent developments. I would definitely recommend it!
Febo | Empowering Your Health

Sara Davis

Using Febo has been an amazing experience, I like the fact that the app has a bunch of features. On top of that, the medicine reminder helps me to be updated with the latest news of my condition.
Febo | Empowering Your Health

John Garcia

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Febo features research advancements, medical news, video, pill reminder and wearables integration. Empower your medical journey.
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