About Us


There is a lack of knowledge from the patients’ perspective about what is being studied, what is out there and what is going to be out there regarding their medical conditions. Patients rely heavily on their doctors’ knowledge about new treatments and opportunities or information from unreliable websites. Patients want to control their chronic conditions and feel empowered during the process.

Then came a solution: Febo.

Febo, an online medical information platform that seeks to empower patients by keeping them updated on the latest developments, providing condition management features, and physician-patient communication, thus empowering the patient on their medical journey. Febo also serves as a chronic condition management platform (CCMP) with several functionalities to give patients control of their disease. These functionalities include wearables integration, vitals, customized dynamic reports for doctor’s appointments, doctor-patient communication, pill reminder, food diary, and goal setting.

Febo seeks to empower the patient by keeping them informed and giving them the necessary tools to manage their conditions without depending on third parties. We truly believe that Febo will become a key element in the advancement of science.